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Playing the Devil's Advocate

Trigger Warnings: Discusses rape.

In my previous post, I've said that it was written in a fashion to make it seem as if it were aimed at men, and specifically at a certain type of man. That said, a recent article has made me feel more than a tad shameful about my decision to write the essay in that fashion.

It's true: women can rape. Women can be abusive. I've been aware of this fact for a very long time, but it's one of those things that I've ignored, for many reasons.

The main one is the fairly obvious one: I haven't wanted to be dogpiled. I haven't wanted to be accused of going 'But what about teh menz?!' I haven't wanted to be accused of playing Devil's Advocate.

But here's the thing: When the issue of rape comes up, when we start discussing rape in society, and rape culture, and how to stop rape - discussing female-on-male rape is something that we do need to take into account. We do need to ask 'what about the men?' We do need to play Devil's Advocate. Because this isn't a matter of privilege. This isn't a matter of sexism. This isn't a matter of feminism. This is a matter of straight-up, being a decent human being, and wanting other people to not get hurt.

I'm not saying sexism doesn't factor into it - clearly it does, otherwise we wouldn't have those ridiculous double standards regarding sexual freedoms, 'bros before hos' and the one in six. But when we discuss stopping rape, lowering the rate of domestic abuse, and emotional abuse within relationships, regardless of whether you feel men can be feminists or whether they're just allies, it's time to shelves the 'what about teh menz?!' attitude and let them into the discussion.

Rape isn't a 'women only' issue. And while it is tiring and frustrating to have our concerns dismissed by people going 'Oh, but men get raped too!' and getting told that our voices should be ignored because of it, we do still need to accept that we're not perfect, and that men have a say with rape culture too, and that our perpetuation of the myth that 'women get raped, men should shut up about it' has done a lot of harm to men.

That's right, the feminist movement made a mistake. And that's okay - we're human, we're allowed to make mistakes. But to rectify it, we have to let men in. And I know it's hard - believe me, as somebody who has a virulent dislike of most male feminists, and would much prefer that they label themselves 'allies', I know - but it still needs to be done.

It's not easy, and it's not fun. But neither is being accused of Devil's Advocate, just for saying the obvious.

-Freya out.

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The ever wonderful emeriin has given me links to and for people who want to read more into these issues.
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